🐕‍🦺 We are thrilled to let you know that we are once again able to take in boarders if you need us. Please read the information below for the procedures we have put in place for everyone’s safety. 🐈


Although there remains no evidence that pets are implicated in the transmission of Covid-19 to people there is some risk of the virus being carried on pets and their belongings. The risk of human to human transmission remains high and with that in mind we have in place robust hygiene and social distancing protocols for receiving and returning boarding pets from and to their owners.

Before considering boarding your pet please read the following carefully.


All bookings can be made by email or telephone. You will be asked the health status of your household i.e. if a member of your household is shielding or has had, or is suspected of having, Coronavirus. We do not wish to offend but this will help us determine the risk factors involved.

We will arrange an arrival and departure time to ensure that we deal with one customer at a time and request that these times are adhered to, to minimise the risk of more than one customer on site at any time. YOUR PET WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED IF YOU JUST TURN UP.

Payment may be made by bank transfer beforehand, details will be give to you on booking, or cash on arrival with money being placed into a plastic box provided. Please bring the correct money to minimise any further risks.

We will still need to update/confirm our records and we ask that you stand outside the office, to keep the safe distance required, while we do this. We will also still need proof of vaccination, which will be dealt with in a safe manner, or alternatively you can email us a picture of the appropriate pages including the pet’s name and address. WE ARE UNABLE TO PHONE VETS FOR CONFIRMATION AT THIS TIME.

We politely request that you bring as little as possible with your pet. We will provide all bedding, toys, bowls etc, to minimise all virus risks, however, you may bring your pets own food if it is necessary. This will be discussed on booking. 

On arrival for boarding please walk to the office and press the intercom as normal and a member of staff will attend as soon as possible. 

After booking in procedures have been completed:


You will be asked to walk your dog/s down to the kennels with the member of staff, keeping to correct social distancing guidelines. You will be asked to take your dog/s through the double gates, shutting each gate behind you as you go through, and to enter the first open dog run shutting the gate behind you, remove your lead/harness/collar and exit the run closing the gate with your dog left in the run. You will then exit the kennels in the same way taking your lead/harness/collar with you. You should then go straight to your car and leave the premises. A member of staff will take your dog/s to its allocated kennel using our own leads.

For departures the reverse of the above will be used with your dog/s being placed in the run first and then you can enter the kennels, using the same safety procedures, and retrieve your dog/s with your own lead/harness.


We ask that all carriers just have paper inside which we will dispose of and replaced for your return and that all collars are removed before arrival.

You will be asked to place your carrier on the floor and then to return to your car and leave the premises. A member of staff will then take your cat/s to its allocated cattery. Gloves will be used and your carrier will be cleaned with an anti viral disinfectant.

For departures the reverse of the above will be used with your cat/s being bought to you by a member of staff.

We thank you for your co-operation during these uncertain times.

We are a small friendly business, owned and run by the Whalley family since 1959.

Nestling in the Douglas Valley, in the rural hamlet of Gathurst just 4 miles from Wigan town centre, We are surrounded by our 200 acres of beautiful Lancashire countryside with easy access by road (5 mins J26 & J27 of the M6) and rail (2 mins walk from Gathurst Station).

We look forward to seeing you soon.